Red knee, Lolita socks were donned
avec l’éventail du Japon.
You’re stealing the face of man,
red sun fan-uh.

Greedily, you gate his poppy pouts
with a red-spotted, parchment hide.
You, the Eastern European’s purchase,
the mid-life accessory to this romanced,
will cover-up his pockmarked face.

With you, a dog-eared accomplice,
she will level her disdain for this treasured man
with you, the fan.

Seizing the day…
and…the visage of man-uh…
red sun fan-uh.

Hey, l’éventail du papier,
she is his oyster sand
avec vous, the red sun fan-uh.
You both condemn the face of that man,
red sun fan-uh.


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