Your sentence…six or three?
Your sentence?
Depends where you live really.
Depends who you ask actually,
the toxic fruit, no matter what you do,
is toxic, regardless of the dosage,
guaranteed to tie the marsh skeletons to you.

In the new millennium,
Persephone’s pomegranate,
is marketed as heart-preserving juice.
(I’m not sure that’s true.)
Ironic? True.

He says,
“Would I trick you?
Would I poison you with suspicious juice?”
It depends.
What if I told you
that its hourglass figure
is 10% sugar-water, 10% juice?

The garnet-seeded apple with the jewel arils,
false fruit, usher in my winter wails,
and provides a puce facsimile
of my trust-issue panoply.

The plot deepens,
the Punica Granatum still trends.


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