A bedroom, ambient with gurgling jade,
coins tossed against the tired singing tiles–
the roman marble busts serenade.

The permafrost, the site of our love,
forbade under the streams of aurora:
magenta and aqua.

Your life stung the paper in the slipcase.
Irritated you, the clamp in the cramp
of a lichen-wrapped leg.

Daring to breathe, your moonbreath vapor
combing, probing like bees
in the amphitheater seats
of a golden chrysantheum.

Wrapped in plaid, our patient bairn.
Your body in the dark shelters it in the cairn.
Circles, circle our eye to eye, your knowing–
the glint, the cosmic firefly.

I’m falling, I’m throbbing,
I’m responding– to your blood calling,
the circles in your jasper walls.


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